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Artist of the Day


Did you know?

Every member of the band graduated from the same high school in 1969: London Central High School in England. Their fathers were US servicemen who were stationed there. — By Songfacts

Song of the Day

If I Were a Boy

Did you know?

This track represents a new sound for Beyoncé. The R&B singer explained to Essence magazine: "It's broad. But I had to try it, because I remember Aretha Franklin said a great singer can sing anything and make it her own." Beyoncé added that she was influenced by her recent role playing Etta James in Cadillac Records. She decided to follow the example of the blues and R&B singer and broadened her horizons. The Texan told Essence: "Etta expressed herself; she was bold. That inspired me to do a lot of things musically that no one else is doing." — By Songfacts

Genre of the Day


DFW Rap is a subgenre of hip hop music that originated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. It is characterized by its hard-hitting beats, aggressive lyrics, and a heavy reliance on sampling. The genre is heavily influenced by the Southern rap sound, but also incorporates elements of trap, EDM, and Latin music. Artists associated with the genre include Erykah Badu, Big Tuck, Dorrough Music, and Fat Pimp.

4h 15m
Featuring Post Malone, Lil Loaded, Tay-K, MO3, Dorrough Music, Lil 2z, Grind2hard Osh’a, Lil Ronny Motha F, Jayson Lyric, Tay Money, Yella Beezy, Treal Lee, Asian Doll, LeRoyce, Big Tuck, MurdaGang PB, 10k.Caash, LilCJ Kasino & Trip Lee.

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