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Dark Academia
0 Followers 52h 13m
Action... Reaction...
Instrumental for reading, studying, sleeping, painting.
30 Followers 63h 34m
Endless piano, please play in shuffle to soothe your mind • concentrate • minimalis piano • soft calm piano • atmospheric piano • instrumental calming acoustic • minimalistic piano • classical piano lullabies.
Enchiridion of Aerodomus
12 Followers 201h 22m
A journey through musical genres I find it rewarding to listen to.
Cursive Lines
0 Followers 4h 5m
Movies' soundtracks, TV series' themes, OSTs
Awesome Soundtracks
11 Followers 10h 5m
Relaxing soundtracks to listen to while working or studying.
cinephile part 2
0 Followers 2h 7m
if you are not a virgin you are not a cinephile
Endless Soundtracks
0 Followers 26h
No distractions
2 Followers 158h 57m

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