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His father is the very popular Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. His parents split when he was 3, and when he was 8 he moved from Madrid to Miami, where he lived with his dad but was raised mostly by his nanny. He credits the diversity of musical influences in Miami for providing a foundation for his music.

By the time he launched his music career, Enrique was estranged from his famous father and wanted to make sure he was signed on his own merits, so he sent out demo tapes using the name "Enrique Martinez." It worked, landing him a deal with the Latin label Fonovisa, where he released three popular Spanish albums before signing with Interscope in 1999 and releasing his first English-language album, Enrique, which includes the hits "Bailamos" and "Be With You." A few years later, he re-established contact with his dad.

Iglesias has been in a committed relationship with the tennis star Anna Kournikova since 2002 - they started dating after she played his love interest in his video for "Escape." They had twins, Nicholas and Lucy, in 2017, and daughter Mary in 2019. They keep their personal life out of the press, but Kournikova sometimes posts news and photos of their family on social media.


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