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Their name was originally "Stain." They added the D when they found out another group (which became Kilgore Smudge and Lit), already had it.

They started as a cover band in 1995, playing songs by the likes of Korn and Rage Against The Machine. This was the only way they could get gigs; they would sneak a few original songs into each set as they built a following. In 1996, they self-released an album of original songs called Tormented that they sold at shows. A year later, they got a gig opening for Limp Bizkit and got the attention of their lead singer, Fred Durst, who helped them land a deal with Flip Records and co-produced their 1999 album Dysfunction.

Aaron Lewis enjoys fishing and hunting - he says he's never killed anything he didn't eat. In 2015, he started a show called On the Road with Rock & Aaron, which chronicles his outdoor adventures with co-host Rock Bordelon. It aired on the Sportsman Channel and later on various streaming services.


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