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The two most important people to lend him a helping hand in the beginning were Puff Daddy and Jermaine Dupri. Usher says that Dupri taught him how music works and Puff Daddy (later Diddy) showed him how to craft his image. Puff Daddy co-produced Usher's first album and record producer Jermaine Dupri started working with Usher for his next albums.

He calls the evolution of his style a "Rev Pop" movement or simply "Rev." He told MTV: "I did it with '<a href="https://www.songfacts.com/facts/usher/yeah">Yeah!</a>,' taking a cultural experience, and also worldwide recognition of a feeling, and putting the soul in the middle of it. Not allowing it to shift heavily to R&amp;B genre, or pop. I did it again with '<a href="https://www.songfacts.com/facts/usher/omg">OMG</a>,' once again putting the soul in the middle of it, which was an electric-pop experience, with the soul. It's bringing those elements together to tell a story. The movement is called Rev."

Usher cites entertainer/vocalists like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown as big influences. He also listened to a lot of Gospel, since his mother directed his youth choir in church, and he loved listening to The Winans. As far as his dance moves, he gets them from guys like Bob Fosse, Ben Vereen, Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.


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