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Australian singer-songwriter Sia Furler started her music career in the mid-1990s as a singer in a local Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp. By the 2010s, she was one of the top pop songwriters, but her roots are in more eclectic music - she has called the pop tunes she's written "terribly cheesy." After Crisp disbanded in 1997, Sia released her debut studio album OnlySee on Flavoured Records in Australia. The record sold 1,200 copies.

She is one of the most efficient pop songwriters in the business, known for delivering lyrics and melody in minutes. "It happens in one motion," producer Greg Kurstin says.

In 1997 Sia decided to follow a boyfriend named Dan to London. En route to join him, she received the devastating news that he had died after being hit by a car. Sia decided that she would still move to London. After a couple of years in England's capital city, she recorded an album, Healing is Difficult, which dealt with the loss of Dan. The LP was a minor hit in Britain and yielded a Top 10 single, "Taken for Granted."


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