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The Blessed Madonna, also known by her former stage name The Black Madonna, is an American DJ, producer, and musician. She's known for her ability to blend elements of disco, house, techno, and even pop into her sets. This ability to surprise and delight audiences has made her a sought-after DJ at festivals and clubs worldwide.

Born Marea Stamper in a remote Appalachian region of Kentucky, her journey to becoming The Blessed Madonna began on the dance floor. A rave at 14 sparked a fire, and by 16, school was out the window as she set her sights on making waves in the music industry. "My mom was really supportive of it," she told RA. "My dad wasn't so thrilled, but mom let me move out and get my own apartment when I was 16."

Stamper studied English at the University of Louisville and was the general manager for the college radio station.

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