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I feel like a badbitch
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politely fuck off
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don't take it personal, or do i don't give a fuck
all my shit playlists in one place
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there's no vibe, it's like that chair where you put all your crap on it alright !
to taehyun ♥
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songs that i think he could enjoy.. ♥
I´m just a sixteen year old girl crying over a boy whose name I probably won´t remember in ten years
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Maybe I should forget about him right now and not in ten years...
Hands outside the car's window on the road
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The plan: Kombi, blankets, energetic, candy, some money, maps, camera, books, jeans jacket, all stars, the perfect playlist and the road. L.E.T.S G.E.T O.U.T O.F. H.E.R.E.

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