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therapy is expensive
1 Follower 3h 5m
spotify is cheaper
I-J's Johnlock Playlist 2.0
198 Followers 84h 30m
A playlist filled with songs that remind us of John and Sherlock, submitted to Steph on tumblr (inevitably-johnlocked). Please enjoy! -Created on 06/07/19-
2 Followers 2h 37m
jupiter’s jukebox
2 Followers 3h 57m
the soundtrack for my spaceship (suicide songs)
post traumatic all-night-long
3 Followers 33h 35m
depressão ft. tristeza (CHORO remix)
Hey Music!
17 Followers 101h 26m
For every one in every mood!
Hey Music Hard!
6 Followers 34h 2m
For every one in a hard mood!

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