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Bastille began as a solo project by singer-songwriter Dan Smith. He started writing tunes in his southwest London bedroom at the age of 15, but kept them secret from his friends. "I wrote songs very much for myself and thought it was really embarrassing," he recalled to The Independent. "None of my friends ever knew. My family knew because they overheard it coming out of my room – these weird warbling noises."

Smith continued writing music in his student gigs whilst studying English Literature at Leeds University. A friend of his stumbled upon his songs and was impressed enough to enter him for a local competition, which he won. The prize was studio recording time and performing a gig.

Smith befriended a band at Leeds, Kid iD who heard his songs and encouraged him. Kid iD later evolved into the well regarded rock group To Kill a King, who supported Bastille on many of their 2013 UK tour dates.


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