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Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, grew up in the middle-class neighborhood of West Chatham in Chicago's South Side. He's one of the most successful independent artists in history, rising to great heights without backing from a label.

He's usually seen wearing a baseball cap. After releasing Coloring Book in 2016, he started wearing hats with the number 3 because it's his third mixtape (he's wearing a 3 hat on the cover). This was a shrewd more for marketing and merchandising - the 3 hat became his signature and a very popular piece of merch.

His father Ken Williams-Benne served as an aide to former Chicago mayor Harold Washington and then worked for Barack Obama, who was a senator at the time. Chance himself interned for Barack Obama's during his presidential campaign. He recalled to The Chicago Reader: "I was kind of, 'I'm not just gonna do a one-party type thing,' but then I got to thinkin' about it. I mean, I really value our president because I know him personally, he's just like, literally, a genuine nice guy." "But beyond just the election itself, I've thought about the value of my family and my dad, cause a lot of people would've lost their jobs - that's obvious, once that administration was gone. So like, just valuing my dad to a certain extent I had to do something for him."


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