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Matt Healy met Ross MacDonald and Adam Hann at Wilmslow High School near Manchester as teenagers. They formed a band when a local council worker organized a number of gigs for youngsters. The 1975 recalled to Blahblahblahscience: "There was no real scene in our town at that time and we were all looking for some way of expressing ourselves I suppose. Some woman called Sheila started this run of gigs for underage kids (I think she was like a hippy council worker) and they soon turned into a riot. We would go and play there, doing covers of punk songs and Ghostbusters etc. It was so drunken and personal. After doing that for a while we wrote a song and thought 'Let's just do this! This is well better than going to school or work."

Matt Healy was originally the drummer, but took over vocals after the previous singer, a guy named Elliot, left to start another group. They found George Daniel in the school corridor near the music department and recruited him as the new drummer to complete the final lineup.

The band originally operated under names like Drive Like I Do, TALKHOUSE!, and The Big Sleep. Their The 1975 moniker came from a secondhand book of beat poetry that Matt Healy found in Ibiza, which had previously been used as a diary. One of the dates written in the book was '1 June The 1975,' a phrasing that stuck with him.

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