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Burned at Both Ends, Vol. I
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[Originally released on 8tracks - May 10, 2011]. A collection of pop-punk and poppy hardcore. Features a mix of relative unknowns and some bands your 15 year old sister probably likes for good measure. You know you like them anyway, don't act like you're too cool.
Burned At Both Ends, Vol. III
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[Originally published on 8tracks on May 16, 2012]. A good mixture of pop-punk and heavier stuff. Features music from The Dangerous Summer, Transit, Silverstein, and more. [[[[Missing track #2 - Francesqa "Years" / replaced with "A Little Closer."]]]]
The Common Ground: Side B
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A TCG archive of all the second half of The Common Ground playlist weekly sets.
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wow shes edgy
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Mostly pop punk with a sprinkle of classic emo XD Rawr Scene Queen Vibes
Sing to me
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sometimes the cover just sounds better. A lot of Punk Goes Pop sry
Discover Weekly Archive
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Playlist for weekly archiving of tracks found by your Discover Weekly. Created via Skiley (
Seeing Double
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