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He was born Tramar Lacel Dillard in Carol City, Florida, and was raised alongside his seven sisters. He described his upbringing in an interview with Blues & Soul: "In my household we listened to all types of music. My sisters sang gospel; my dad, when he came around, played several different instruments... But as far as the neighborhood itself went - yeah, growing up in the projects was CRAZY! You know, every other day you'd have the SWAT team - the police - on top of the roof, even telling all the kids to go back in the house - me being one of them! But, at the same time, I always kept the faith. My mother always instilled in me that, though you may grow UP in the projects, you ain't gotta be OF it! You know, 'One day you won't have to BE here if you just keep faith, have a positive attitude, and put God first'… So, while there was a lot crazy things happening, I always made music my outlet. I'd sacrifice moneys to be out there slinging mixtapes, CDs and stuff... You know, I always stayed focused, and never really got caught up with all the drug dealers and killers."

His 2008 debut single, "Low," was the first in a long string of hit singles for the rapper. Not only did it top several US charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot Rap Songs chart, but it was also an international hit and with over 6 million downloads broke the record for digital sales at the time.

He began rapping in ninth grade with the amateur group The Groundhoggz.


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