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The Preatures

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Beautiful Electronics.
39 Followers 58h 45m
Capture the real essence of electronic music
yeetus deleteus
6 Followers 120h 41m
RIP legoyoda
80s infused indie
7K Followers 24h 59m
a modern (and very large) indie playlist inspired by the sound of the 80s
Row For Your Life
6 Followers 43h 54m
1 Follower 33h 12m
All songs
0 Followers 403h 40m
Red Wine and Cheese
64 Followers 162h 15m
Make people turn their heads 🔭 music for cool parents and cooler kids
Everyday I Miss Bumping Shoulders
2 Followers 6h 8m
Dancing in short shorts and tattered polos on freshly cut grass. Occasionally a Mk.gee / Toro shrine, but mostly a bbq bubble

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