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Lead singer, Shaun Morgan, on writing songs: "I write a lot of my songs on acoustic guitar and then take it into the band. Then once the band hears it, we beef it up and we record it obviously. But it's easier on an acoustic because you can sit in a hotel room, you can sit backstage, or you can sit in the back of a bus. These ideas, whether you hear them as the ultimate ending of distorted and heavy or whether you hear them as exactly what they are while you're playing them on the acoustic, you never really know what it's gonna end up like."

When guitarist, Pat Callahan left Seether, the band gave no real reason for his departure. Vocalist, Shaun Morgan was cryptic in his response. Regarding his feelings on the situation, he said, "Um… relieved a little… actually a lot. He was the guy in the band that was always our naysayer, and he was the negative energy as far as writing. I personally have no love lost, which is weird for some reason 'cause he was my friend for four years. But when he walked out, it kinda walked out with him."

Vocalist, Shaun Morgan, has 1308 tattooed on his four right fingers, and 2007 tattooed on his four left fingers which marks the day his brother, Eugene died (13/08/2007). Seether's song "Rise Above This" is a tribute to Eugene.


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