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The band is from Germany, but they've always recorded their songs in English, as their goal was always to conquer the United States.

In their early years, the band did most of the management and promotion themselves. They played gigs across Europe and in Japan because they had a deal with their record company that their albums would only be released in countries they toured.

When we spoke with Rudolf Schenker in 2010, he explained that their background in classical music and outside perspective helped them achieve success in America. Said Schenker: "In the beginning of our career, we had a problem in Germany because nobody expects a German band to play rock music. With rock music, there are more bands from England or America, which are more exotic than the Scorpions, who are from Germany. But when we went to America in '79, we became the exotic ones. They said, 'Hey, what kind of crazy guys are these?' (laughs) We were already exotic, with a different view, and we also play our rock music with a little bit of an ethnic touch. You'll notice that Americans come from the blues side, whereas we come from the classical side, which is different."

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September 2021
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All my September tunes in one place 🎶
will you love me when there's nothing left to love?
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you fucking forced me to say goodbye my love you've thrown us away
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...yaudah deh pelan-pelan
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Sesuai request karena kemarin katanya playlist yang ono kekencengan. Ini isinya ngga rock doang tapi ya semoga suka lah ya. Dikurasi spesial hanya untuk Mrs. Uszardi.

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