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Skillet was formed in 1996 by lead singer and bassist John Cooper, guitarist Ken Steorts, and drummer Trey McClurkin. Within a month they'd received interest from major Christian record label ForeFront Records and in October 1996 they released a self-titled debut album.

Cooper was also the band's piano player in their early days but after a couple of years he enlisted his wife, Korey, to play keyboards live in order to lessen his live performance duties.

Jen Ledger was recruited as Skillet's drummer in 2008 when she was just 18, after the band attended her local church in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Impressed by her skills, they asked her to audition to replace their existing drummer, Lori Peters, who was retiring. Ledger was chosen, and she kicked off her Skillet career with the Comatose Tour.


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