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Bring Me The Horizon got their name form a line in Pirates of the Caribbean. Matt Kean, who joined the group after they came up with their moniker told EastScene: "At the time there were a lot of bands that had names that you would associate with this kind of music. They just stayed away from all the pretentious or predictable stuff. And they were sitting around one day watching the movie and heard the line and thought it would be a laugh."

Count Your Blessings was mainly regarded as a deathcore album but BMTH have subsequently developed their sound by incorporating electronica, classical music and pop elements. Their change in style was influenced by the hairy and groovy music played by a band called Nights Like These whom they toured with in autumn 2007 in the US.

Oli Sykes told The Guardian that he doesn't think his family's been surprised by his choice of career. "I have ADHD and I were a nightmare as a kid. I were always jumping around and screaming anyway," he said, "so it didn't surprise them when I started listening to that kind of music. I used to scream along in my bedroom to CDs and my mum were always at the top of the stairs going: 'Will you shut up?'"


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