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Midnight Remedies
6 Followers 36h 55m
Take a deep dive into Seph's surreal and intricate playlist as he document his life and experiences through the currents of music and lyrics. Crafted with selected sentimental tracks from his childhood to manhood, express your thoughts and live memories in this playlist— made by him, made for y
1 Follower 19h 26m
最後也分手 277
karaoke feels
0 Followers 3h 26m
these hit differently at the karaoke
2.9K Followers 71h 39m
enjoy the playlist!♡
you're wonderful.
3 Followers 4h 4m
you're way too wonderful.
Songs for annoyed and tired hooman.
39 Followers 3h 44m
(not so) soothing song to calm myself.
Doramas OSTs
0 Followers 23h 46m

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