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Klaus Nomi

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0 Followers 25h 56m
all the shit i listened to april - feb
1 Follower 12h 40m
this song hurted my feelings
0 Followers 2h 24m
and i let it
stretched thin
2 Followers 11h 34m
this is a very specific feeling i get but i can't describe it any better than this
0 Followers 1h 43m
rocket go vroom vroom
not a single one allowed
1 Follower 2h 35m
4 kendall
go outside? seems unlikely
3 Followers 6h 10m
i started this playlist BEFORE quar if u can even believe
donkey boy — garçon âne
2 Followers 11h 14m
how do you spell the sound a donkey makes

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