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Byrne, Weymouth and Frantz met at the Rhode Island School of Design. Byrne was only a student for one year, but returned to campus to play with Frantz in a band called The Artistics. In 1974, Weymouth and Frantz graduated with degrees in painting, and the three of them moved into a skeevy apartment in the Lower East Side of New York City. Weymouth didn't join their band until 1975; they were a trio until adding Harrison, who didn't come on board until they had a record deal. He wasn't part of their first single, "Love Goes to Building on Fire."

Frantz and Weymouth started dating in 1972 and got married on June 18, 1977, a few months before the first Talking Heads album was released. They interrupted their honeymoon when the band got a last-minute offer to open for Bryan Ferry at the Bottom Line in New York City on June 23.

In 1981, the band members took on outside projects: Byrne scored the Twyla Tharp musical The Catherine Wheel, Harrison released a solo album called The Red and the Black, and Weymouth and Frantz formed a group called the Tom Tom Club, which had hits with "Genius Of Love" and "Wordy Rappinghood." In a Songfacts interview with Chris Frantz, he explained that they weren't planning to start a new band, but were encouraged to do so by their accountant, who told them they were low on cash.


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