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Tears For Fears is primarily a duo made up of co-lead vocalists Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. Although Smith has a handful of songwriting credits in the group's repertoire, Orzabal is the primary lyricist.

The English synthpop duo met as teenagers in Bath, where they joined the new wave act Graduate. In 1981, they formed their own group, History of Headaches, which quickly became Tears for Fears.

Much of their early music was inspired by the work of American psychotherapist Arthur Janov, founder of primal scream therapy, which focuses on bringing repressed childhood memories to the surface and dealing with the trauma through intense crying and screaming. Both Orzabal and Smith had difficult upbringings and were attracted Janov's ideas. Janov gained notoriety when he took on John Lennon as a patient in 1970.


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