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The band is from Montreal and has had the same five members since they formed in 1999. Comeau and Bouvier were in a band called Reset for seven years before they had a falling out and Comeau left, eventually joining some high school friends in the group that became Simple Plan. When they needed a singer, Comeau recruited Bouvier after reconnecting with him at a Sugar Ray concert.

They got their deal with Lava Records in 2000 by coercing an A&R guy from the label, Andy Karp, to come to one of their shows in Montreal. He was impressed by the show and signed them soon after. Lava, which was partnered with Atlantic, was also home to Matchbox Twenty, Skillet and Kid Rock.

According to Bouvier, the 1998 Sam Raimi movie A Simple Plan provided their band name. They need to pick a name when they played their first show; a friend who was helping them out had seen the movie the night before and suggested it. They figured they'd change it later, but never did.


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