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The duo is from Melbourne, Australia, and had some hits in that country when their song "Lost in Love" got the attention of Clive Davis at Arista Records, who signed them and helped make them hit machines in America, where they landed eight songs in the Top 5.

Hitchcock and Russell formed Air Supply after they both performed in a 1975 Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar. They took on other band members, who are credited on their early albums and appear on the covers, but eventually pared down to a duo. "We always had a band, and at that point, they always were in the photos, and they actually shared in everything," Russell said in a Songfacts interview. "But there were a couple of small squabbles within the band, so we said, "'Okay, we've got to stop this. It's going to be Russell and I from now on.'"

By the time they hit it big in 1980 with the hits "All Out Of Love" and "Lost In Love," Russell and Hitchcock were in their early 30s and both had children and had no desire to indulge in drugs or other hedonism common in the industry. "A great night for us would be having a bottle of wine," Russell said in The Yacht Rock Book. "But we never got really crazy, and we perhaps paid the price for that, because we were never considered really 'cool.' We were having all these massive hits, but we weren't cool."


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