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indie days
9 Followers 22h 45m
my main playlist consisting of primarily indie songs. i'm also updating it whenever i can
beach day
3 Followers 3h 59m
surf rock & surf pop, and also some indie rock and indie pop
1 Follower 50h 16m
Soxjsi 2
14 Followers 201h 36m
essa também já ficou gigantona, então a Soxjsi 3 enfim nasceu
0 Followers 19h 33m
Himeno's easy revenge
3 Followers 1h 45m
-don't die aki
Engenho de dentro, 103
10 Followers 16h 47m
Cremated Baby Soup :)
3 Followers 44h 34m
Songs that make you wanna scream out the window and aimlessly run onto train-tracks into the undetermined

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