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Several members of Cage the Elephant were previously in a band called Perfect Confusion. After being discovered at the 2007 South-by-Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, the band relocated to London, England.

The band name Cage the Elephant actually came from a fortune teller. Frontman Matthew Shultz was having his fortune told when the woman pulled out a card and started panicking, repeating "Cage the elephant! Cage the elephant!" over and over. Shultz was so freaked out that he just got up and left on the spot.

In 2011, Cage the Elephant drummer Jared Champion's appendix suddenly burst while the band was on tour in support of the Foo Fighters. Champion required immediate attention and was forced to miss several of Cage the Elephant's shows. Luckily, Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl stepped in and played the drums in Champion's absence.


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