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Lead singer Vic Fuentes came up with the band's name while sitting in sociology class at San Diego State University. The professor mentioned piercing the veil - meaning to go directly to the root of a problem and removing it at the source. Fuentes like the concept of stopping things that hurt you before they have a chance to build up, and so Pierce the Veil was born.

Aside from being the lead singer of Pierce the Veil, Vic Fuentes is also the group's primary songwriter. Singing his own lyrics helps him connect with the song and deliver a passionate performance. Bassist Jamie Preciado shared the band's creative process in a Songfacts interview: "Normally what happens is our vocalist [Vic Fuentes], he has like skeletons of a lot of songs. And when we're in the studio we kind of break all the songs down and start with little pieces, whether it be like a riff or like a vocal idea. And then the song pretty much goes from there. We try to just jam out the song as best we can, record it, listen to it again, then jam out again."

The founding members, Mike and Vic Fuentes, are brothers. They both learned to play guitar from their father, a Spanish jazz musician. There is a video of the pair having their "first jam sesh" - Mike, 5, with a toy drum set and Vic, 7, with his dad's guitar.


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