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quick ! you’re in a movie !
4 Followers 6h 46m
ok basic name, but i feel like i could be in a 2000's romcom... even though some of these songs are after the 2000's
kate wallis timeline
11 Followers 2h 4m
cruel summer | ‘93 ➞ ‘94 ➞ ‘95
all my shit playlists in one place
0 Followers 43h 41m
there's no vibe, it's like that chair where you put all your crap on it alright !
Stark's Top 50
3 Followers 3h 23m
A collection of top 50 most loved songs
the 95z duo
11 Followers 5h 3m
songs that remind me of vmin. a true love playlist for when i feel hopeless
0 Followers 3h 29m
0 Followers 2h
Se stai male, tocca il fondo
2 Followers 7h 26m
(poi magari cerca di risalire). PLAYLIST triste ma accattivante, dedicata a NESSUNO in particolare, ideale per piangere sui mezzi pubblici.

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