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Integrated Spotify player is here

Play the music that you find on on your Spotify devices.

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The music player on has been updated to work with Spotify.

Previously, it could only play a 30-second preview of the songs (and that wasn't available for a large number of songs). But now, it supports playing the full songs on Spotify. And it works for all music that you can find on

Just run Spotify on one of your devices (like your desktop or smartphone) and then play the music as usual on

Music Player

To use the new player, you need to have a Spotify Premium subscription. If you're on a free Spotify plan, you'll be limited to only playing previews as before.

Also, to use this feature, you need to grant a few extra permissions. To do that, just sign in with your Spotify account again when prompted. This is only required once. Check out the Permissions page to learn how manages access to your Spotify account. automatically decides which music player to use based on your active Spotify subscription. But if for whatever reason you're not happy with that, you can always change that in the Settings.

Playback Settings

The new player also supports seeking through the songs by clicking anywhere on the glowing green progress bar.

Music Player Seeking

Published:January 26, 2022

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