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Sheryl Crow
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Joni Mitchell
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The Cardigans
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Sarah McLachlan
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Tearjerkers [R&B/Soul, Pop, Acoustic, Country, Singer/Songwriter, Adult Contemporary] [3 hours]
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A playlist full of guilty pleasures! Some of them are sentimental, some nostalgic, some just plain cheesy, but they're all songs you secretly love to listen to, locked away in your room, on your own, with a duvet and a hot drink and getting all emotional ... you know you do! Come on, let it all out!
Easy Sunday Brunch [Soul, Blues, Pop, Soft Rock, Alternative, Singer Songwriter] [2 Hour Playlist]
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Unobtrusive and yet captivating music for a perfect Sunday morning ... it won't belligerently force it's way into your consciousness, but in the moments when it gently breaks through it will surprise and entertain!
Mood Mayhem 🆕
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Mood Mayhem plays tunes to alter your mood, to enhance your mood, to shift your mood or just to make you moodier. They are tunes of internal struggles and upheaval. Songs to soothe your anxiety, make your depression less lonely and your mental illness fade into yesterday. 🗣️ There's hope here! 💯
songs 6th grade me loved
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junior year
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