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Music that feels fast, loud, and noisy.


Music that is slow and calm.


Music that makes you want to move it.


Music that is happy and cheerful.


Music that is sad, depressing, or angry.


Music that is performed live.


Music with no electric instruments.


Music that contains no vocals.


Music that contains mostly spoken words.


yandere core </3
99 Followers 1h 55m
yuno gasai, himiko toga kinnies where u at || i still remember that ihascupquake song || "tell me you played yandere sim as a kid without telling me" || || icon is doppo from hypmic || *cough cough* doppo n hifumi
5 star manifesting !!
28 Followers 19h 31m
草 || idols, vtubers, anime, osts, utaites, vocaloids, etc. || DAME DA NE DAME YOOO || hi pls stan nijisanji n holostars || manga n light novel reading || yowamushi pedal just makes me <3
aesthetic midsummer lofi for cute anime girls/guys
245 Followers 3h 58m
chill, ambient, mellow, melodic || little to no vocals || when u study, sleep, relax, or do anything calming || "ill just take a 5 min break" biggest lie || need a study budy smh || pfp credit to loveleemine on tumblr!
aggressive japanese rap that make me want to fight someone with my shuriken
236 Followers 2h 14m
no, you're not gonna find hypmic here || underground n aggro || takayan stans? || anime girls with guns 🔫|| takayan's songs arent avail in my country im bawling
beam follows denji into battle and listens to this | chainsaw man
43 Followers 1h 43m
im BAWLING rn || icon by @null__u on twt || an upbeat playlist for an upbeat guy || tribute to my comfort character || im convinced that this guy watches sharknado religiously
breakup songs that make me cry about my nonexistent relationships
4.1K Followers 3h 26m
feelsbadman || mostly listened to on period || sad tracks bc im not ready yet || @summeruyap on ig if u want to add smtg :) || icon is from adventure time <3
conscious hip-hop that hit me right in the feels
5 Followers 41m
bringing attention to the things that need it || political, deep, heartfelt || rap || ALL LIVES MATTER || THE LGBTQIA+ COMMUNITY ARE PEOPLE, NOT JUST THEIR SEXUALITY || uk grime, emohop
hidden gems that need ur attention rn
8 Followers 45m
underground, underrated songs to support small artists!! || mostly indie rock, hip-hop, all genres || theyre so good???? || on loop || upbeat, happy, really just the feel good things in life that make you keep going <3
komi-san wants you to be her 100th friend
39 Followers 2h 51m
,,, or maybe something more? || pl based on komi from komi-san can't communicate/komi-san wa komyushou desu B) || falling in love w/ komi shouko || ugh fine, i guess you are my little pogchamp, come here
non-anime jpop songs for my isekai protagonist life
0 Followers 1h 55m
taken from tokyo top 100 :) || no utaite or vocaloid stuff || in love with japanese culture <3 || icon is babymetal
rage songs for when im pissed or just not feeling it
8.2K Followers 1h 26m
you dumb bitch i loved you || road raging, drive away || idk man arson sounds hot rn || a *lot* of shouting, hyperpop, alt rock ykyk || icon is by ハナ on twt || ig is @summer_u_yap if u guys hv anthing u want 2 add ;) || pov u lost the genshin 50/50 - a kaeya main
spoken words for an empty heart
7 Followers 1h 29m
if poetry and music had a lovechild || a spiritually healing playlist bc everything gets better :) || sad tunes with positive lyrics || speeches, monologues, poems

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