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MCR were offered huge sums to contribute a song to the Twilight soundtrack series because of the band's connections with goth culture. The quartet refused as they loath what goth has become. Frontman Gerard Way told the British music magazine NME: "That's why the song 'Vampire Money' is on there, because there's a lot of people chasing that f--king money. Twilight? A lot of people around us were like, 'Please, for the love of God, do this f--ing movie.' But we'd moved on."

Way explained to Q magazine why the band loath what has happened to goth culture: "We were the only kids in black wearing mascara playing heavy music in the punk clubs where we were from. With things like Twilight the idea of anything gothic like vampires wasn't scary any more, they were sexy or contemplative. To me vampires are the new Jonas Brothers. So we've gone the opposite way."

Guitarist Ray Toro (from Spin magazine): "Gerard wrote those lyrics to the song as if to say, 'If you want a song for the movie this is what's it's going to be.' The phrase 'vampire money' came when we were doing an interview and the guy asked us if we were going to get some of that 'vampire money' that everybody wants. So that's what the song's about. I think songs for soundtracks can be cool but we don't really buy into the movie. We don't personally enjoy it but that's not to say it's bad."

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