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MUNA is an American electronic pop band which was formed by University of Southern California students Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson. This song is the lead single from their second album, Saves the World.

The song is about the struggle to find your self-worth when the external adulation suddenly stops and people on social-media start criticizing every flaw. Wouldn't you like if I believed those words? If I'm born to lose I'll never try and I will never learn Rather than letting the detractors get to her, Katie Gavin looks in the mirror and declares herself to be happy in her skin and her "number one fan." "No matter how many times someone tells you you're amazing, you have to learn to believe that yourself," McPherson told The Guardian. "It's hard when you come home [from touring] and you're like: 'Well I knew I was a piece of s--t and this proves it!' It's easy to get depressed."

The song was included as one of four bonus tracks on NOW That's What I Call Music! 71.

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