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In this song, Justin Hawkins and his rampaging falsetto are over the moon in love with a special someone. The song is a striking throwback to glam rock, with a visual presentation that makes it clear this isn't to be taken too seriously. The Darkness were both a savior and a send-up of rock and roll. Many were confused, but also very amused.

The lyrics to this one may seem nonsensical, but they connect in their own way. "Some of the most stupid stuff is the ones that people sing at you, and that always makes me smile," Justin Hawkins said in a Songfacts interview. "Things like, 'My heart's in overdrive and you're behind the steering wheel.' That's just daft. But in the right way, it's not too stupid, and it's not clever-clever stupid. Just daft. And that's quite uplifting, I think. Or it makes people feel like they're part of something innocent and pure. I think that's quite challenging actually, because being daft in the right way is very difficult. I've only done it well a couple of times. That's probably one of them."

The New York Times wrote that this song "sticks to the listener like hair gel."

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