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The fourth single to be released from Until We Have Faces started with a drum beat that Red's stickman Joe Rickard did by himself in a studio. He told us that sent it to guitarist Anthony Armstrong, who "wrote this awesome riff and the song started building."

Armstrong then penned the lyrics around the concept of, "being in some kind of relationship and you just don't want to be hurting anymore, and you want that person to basically say to you that they never did love you. You want them to do that so you can feel like this is what's right, instead of having that pain that you can't get rid of." (Here's our full Joe Rickard interview.)

Joe told us that Red "want to write stuff for our fans that can really mean something to them." The band ask them via their Facebook page what they want them to write about, as they, "want to see what's hurting people, why they're calling out to us, what they need."
According to Joe, "Lie To Me" is a song "that can relate to a lot of people - anybody that's been in any kind of relationship where they have been heartbroken or hurt." He added that the main goal of the song was trying to find a positive out of the hurt of a broken relationship. "It was something that was negative - the girl that broke your heart - that left you to find a positive, and just have faith in God."

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