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This tune is featured in the 2010 comedy film Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. The wardrobe of Brie Larson, who plays The Clash at Demonhead's lead singer in the movie, was inspired by photos of Metric vocalist, Emily Haines, in a live setting.

Haines explained to Spinner how the song's obscure lyrical content prevented it making Metric's 2009 album, Fantasies. "'Black Sheep' was always an unusual number. It went through various road tests and revisions throughout the making of our album Fantasies. It was a real banger live, but it didn't make the cut, mostly because no one, including me, could get a handle on what the hell the song was about. I wrote the lyrics all at once in this full-on stream-of-consciousness moment and I couldn't explain where all the imagery was coming from. It was plucked from the unknown. 'Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend/You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again.' Come again? To make matters worse, I insisted that the song begin with a creepy chanting intro. I had the whole band in the vocal booth whispering the words 'black sheep come home' without knowing why."

When the film's director Edgar Wright and music supervisor Nigel Godrich learned the band was the inspiration for The Clash at Demonhead they asked Metric to contribute a song. Haines told Spinner how this tune fits perfectly onto the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. "Lyrically, musically, even the intro! This song was exactly what Nigel and Edgar needed for the pivotal scene at Lee's Palace. Actress Brie Larson makes it her own in the film and sings it completely differently than me! We're proud to have the original Metric version on such a slamming soundtrack alongside T-Rex, the Stones, Beck, Black Lips and, of course, our pals Broken Social Scene."

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