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This song was the last song to be recorded for this album, and it was written on the spot in the studio, by Ville Valo, the singer in HIM. The band didn't intend for this song to be on the album, but as HIM's bass player Mikko Paananen said: "We gotta have this song on the album, or else we're f--ked." This song was also the first single from the Love Metal album, and the first video. The single reached #1 in their home country of Finland.

When we spoke with Ville Valo in 2013, the HIM singer/songwriter explained: "That wasn't originally supposed to be included on Love Metal, the album. I had the main ideas for it, but we kind of ran out of time. We already had recorded the rest of the songs, but then I had this "eureka" moment and finished up the song really quickly right at the very last week of recording the album. Everybody liked it so much that we had to reserve some more time from the studio and really work on that song. As a band, especially a rock band, when you think in terms of albums more than songs, you tend to put all your effort into the X amount of songs. Once all that stuff is out of your system - meaning recorded and produced - then all of a sudden you feel a breath of fresh air, this sense of relief. And that time is really, really good for getting new stuff done. We've had that in the past with a few songs. We have a song called 'Gone With the Sin' on Razorblade Romance that happened exactly the same way."

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4/4Time Signature


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Sony Music/Supersonic-GUN
(P) 2003 BMG Finland Oy

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