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This song tells the story of a woman who gets back at her man by shopping with his credit cards, not paying his bills, and selling all his stuff. Cantrell said this isn't something she ever did, but a "fantasy that I wish I had acted out," adding that it only applies to guys who cheat on their girlfriends. While she never took this kind of revenge, she said one of her girlfriends did something similar.

Blu Cantrell (real name: Tiffany Cobb) is the daughter of a jazz singer named Susi Franco. Her father left when she was young, so Blu and her five siblings were raised by Franco. After being spotted in a hospital waiting room (she was there to see her sister), she auditioned to be a singer and ended up signing with Arista Records. She did work as a backup singer for artists like Puff Daddy and Faith Evans before issuing "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" as her debut single when she was 25 years old. It ended up being her only hit, although her collaboration with Sean Paul, "Breathe," made #70 in 2003. Her 2003 album <b>Bittersweet</b> had just modest sales, and she left the industry soon after. In 2012, she emerged with a single called "S.O.S."

Cantrell milked this for all it was worth, playing it at state fairs and radio station events as its popularity was fading.


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