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With its trip-hop accents, layered vocals, handclaps and dreamy chorus, this is the slowest, poppiest song recorded to date by Bring Me To the Horizon. Oli Sykes told Kerrang!: "Jordan (Fish, keyboards) and I wrote this while we were writing 'Drown.' I love how, when it starts, it's like, 'Right, how is this going to be a Bring Me the Horizon song? And even though it's not like any song you've heard from us before, it all makes sense."

Oli Sykes' lyrics are a tribute to his wife, Hannah. Sykes explained: "It comes from when me and my other half were going through a rough patch – where things didn't look too good. It was a real eye – opener for me, because I realized that no matter how bad being together can sometimes get, the alternative is so much worse. It's one of those beautiful realizations that can only come from something really ugly."

The brutal video is full of carnage, including a dog's head being blown off with a shotgun. Many fans tweeted their outrage at the graphic shots of the mongrel's demise, with many feeling that Oli Sykes betrayed his strong animal rights beliefs. The BMTH frontman, who directed the clip, responded drily, saying, "Don't worry. He was getting old anyway."

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