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"Hot Shower" is a playful track that gives Chance the Rapper the opportunity to puff out his chest. During his braggadocious verse he compares his jewelry to Saturn's rings and responds to a girl's compliments. Chance also complains about a lack of sleep due to his busyness as a recording artist and father.

Chance is joined on the track by MadeinTYO and DaBaby. None of the three appeared on a song together before.

DaBaby's verse touches on one of the many lawsuits he has been involved in. I had a new case but the judge had to throw it out My lawyer beat it like Tina DaBaby's career has been marred with legal action. Here he references a recent lawsuit following an alleged assault and a no-show at one of his concerts. His lawyer was able to get the rapper out of being charged in the case against him. However, Baby's comparisons of his lawyer's actions to Tina Turner being abused by her ex-husband Ike Turner are somewhat dubious to say the least.

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