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This song finds Doja Cat ruminating on how intoxicating a physical attraction can be even when her man is not treating her well. She compares the highs she gets from her toxic relationship to a craving for drugs. Got me on stuck, chasing that rush Had to give in, couldn't give up Doja Cat is concerned about making herself vulnerable and finding herself addicted to her damaging romantic partner. I just want you, but I don't do drugs

Ariana Grande joins Doja Cat halfway through the song. She too is caught up in her desire for her love interest. Needed a fix of you, not just some kiss from you I needed more Grande's man is not giving her enough attention, but she cannot give him up.

The song is a counterpoint to Doja Cat and Grande's previous collaboration, "Motive." During that Positions track, the pair ruminate about a possible romance where they're not sure what their love interests' intentions are. Doja Cat also hooked up with Grande on a remix of "34+35" alongside Megan Thee Stallion.

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