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"Ghost" is a heartfelt song where Justin Bieber sings of someone who is no longer with him. This person was special to the singer and all he has left are the happy memories of their time together.

So, is the song about a breakup, or the passing on of a loved one? The first verse seems to imply both; in the first two lines, Bieber sings of missing a former romantic partner. Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow I miss your touch on nights when I'm hollow The last line implies death separates them. I know you cross the bridge that I can't follow

Some fans speculated that Bieber is singing about Selena Gomez, whom he dated for several years. As evidence they point out that in 2010 her band, Selena Gomez & the Scene, released a song titled "Ghost Of You." However, this theory does not sit well with the rest of the Justice album, much of which finds Bieber singing of his love for his wife, Hailey.

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