Perfect Life

2015 Released


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🪐 dreamland
20 Followers 6h 51m
Higher and higher
This Is Ceje Favourites
4 Followers 27h 23m
melting pot of bangers from all over the world.
3am thought in hayomi room 15.
4 Followers 12h 58m
Being a complex living organism can be so hard sometimes.
May I have this dance?
6 Followers 456h 16m
Playlist of songs that I like even though I only listen to 1% of them majority of the time. Basically just a sorted out version of my liked songs.
My own funeral playlist
0 Followers 54m
This is the list of songs I would like to play in my own funeral.
1 Follower 25h 17m
Prog and prog adjacent

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Song Analysis

Key, BPM (tempo) and time signature of Perfect Life.
E Key
Minor Mode
4/4 Time Signature
144 BPM

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