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This song is about a girl called Cara that vocalist Vic Fuentes used to date. Some of her possessions remained at his house after they broke-up, which made Fuentes think about her when he saw them. The title is a combination of her name and the word "paraphernalia."

Fuentes (from Kerrang!): "I actually got in touch with her about it before the song came out, just because it was so personal and I used her actual name in the title. After a relationship ends there's so many things around your house and in your life that remind you of the other person. They might have left their perfume or a shoe or their toothbrush or whatever paraphernalia it is that keeps constantly reminding you of that relationship."

The song features guest vocals by Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember on the chorus and bridge. Fuentes explained to AntiMusic: "I had this super heavy scream part written that I knew I couldn't do any justice, so I asked Jeremy if he'd be down to handle it. From the moment I wrote the part I knew that I wanted Jeremy to do it, because his voice would fit so perfectly in the song. If he had refused I would have probably scrapped the song. I'm so happy it all worked out."

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