Busy Earnin'

2014 Released

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Jungle is a London-based group comprising Josh "J" Lloyd-Watson and Tom "T" McFarland, who grew up as neighbors in West London. This is a track from their eponymous debut album.

Jungle told NME about the song: "It's weird, a lot of people seem to have thought this song's a celebration of making money when it's completely the opposite. It's about that fear of spending your life chasing a career you don't really want."

J told The Sun: "There were so many versions of Busy Earnin'. We had a seven minute psychedelic version that got cut down, but I do think there was a point where it came together like glue, and I sat down and thought, 'This sounds really good.'"

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A♯ Key
Minor Mode
4/4 Time Signature
100 BPM

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