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Harry Styles bookends his debut solo album with two breakup ballads, beginning in the hallway and ending here at the dining table. This stripped back ballad is the record's quietest, most introspective moment as the former One Direction star describes his heartache at seeing a former lover moving on with "a friend from work."

Woke up alone in this hotel room Played with myself, where were you? The New York Times commented that the opening line about masturbation is an example of there being more adult subject matter on Harry Styles, compared to One Direction's PG lyrics. The singer replied: "I've never felt the need to explain myself in terms of my personal life. I very much feel like writing is the way you get to say what you want to say and be like, 'That's all I have to say on it.' With that one, I think it's up to everyone's interpretation, which is obviously an incredibly diplomatic answer. The line in particular, in context of the verse, paints the picture of the feeling that I was going at. It's much more powerful when not taken simply as what it is."

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