Don't Let Me Go

2019 Released


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Soxjsi 2
14 Followers 201h 36m
essa também já ficou gigantona, então a Soxjsi 3 enfim nasceu
always <𝟯
0 Followers 4h 8m
these two >>>>> everyone else
every kind of her
0 Followers 6h 7m
Oh. Yang setiap pagi playlist spotify -nya "Akustik Indie" itu pacar kamu?
exhausted minds
3 Followers 4h 14m
sleep just isn’t sleep anymore, it’s an escape
naps <3
10 Followers 1h 55m
sweet dreams.
Playlist bunuh diri
2 Followers 1h 12m
sobbing rn
7 Followers 4h 21m
cries sobs tears
51 Followers 17h 39m
through the narrow aisles of pain, i rose in you.

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