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On June 14, 2012 Chris Brown got into a fight with Drake at a New York City nightclub after Breezy accused the Toronto MC of throwing a bottle at him. The pair had already been feuding for a couple of years because of a love rivalry over Rihanna. The first sign of a thaw in their beef came about when both appeared on "Only," a Nicki Minaj track recorded in 2014. Four years later, it became clear the two had moved on from their issues when Brown was introduced as a special guest during one of Drake's shows. This hook-up represents the first time Brown and Drake have collaborated on a single as non-featured artists. Apart from "Only," the only other time they worked together was back in 2010 when the Toronto MC recorded a remix of Breezy's "Deuces."

The R&B track finds Brown and Drake crooning about a female who's "got it." Lil' baby in her bag, in her Birkin No nine to five, put the work in Flaws and all, I love 'em all, to me, you're perfect The two stars are desperate to hook up with the girl, though they're well aware she has expensive tastes.

Chris Brown and Drake penned "No Guidance" with Nija Charles. The Los Angeles-based songwriter has also worked with Jason DeRulo ("Colors") and Cardi B ("I Do"). Charles told Billboard it was Brown's mixing engineer, Patrizio Pigliapoco, who recruited her: "I came down to Chris' house and helped him write his portion and sent it back to Drake - and he loved it."

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