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This is the first track on Sempiternal, the fourth studio album by the British Metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon. It was one of the first tunes that was penned for the set. Keyboardist Jordan Fish told Metal Hammer: "We tried loads of different things that were s--t, but that really worked, and as soon as we did it we knew that this would open the album." Vocalist Oliver Sykes added: "This was the turning point; it was the first one that Jordan really got his teeth into, and obviously you can hear that because it's very heavy on the electronica. It was floating around for ages, and I think it really started to shine when we took my vocal lead and used it [on the keyboard parts] for the chorus."

It was during the penning of this tune that the band realized that recently added keyboardist Jordan Fish was having a big impact on their songwriting. Bassist Matt Kean told Sugarscape: "We had already had a list of the songs and Jordan took it away and worked on the choruses and stuff. It was like - I remember listening to it back once Jordan had put a different stamp on it and we were like 'Oh this is CRAZY!' and at the time, he wasn't even in the band, he was just writing with us. I think its this song was the point where we were all like 'It's time to do something about this.'"

The Sempiternal album was penned with a concept in its structure. Every single song represents a different realization and it was made to be like a journey. Sykes explained to AllMusic: "The first song is the first step, and the second song is the second step. You can't really listen to track six, and then listen to track one. You have to figure out the first step before you can figure out the next thing. We tried to make that connect in every aspect with the songs and music and how they blended into each other. It goes from heavy and then gives you a breather. The songs are meant to reflect the emotions as well. It's not just random. We wanted to make it a journey you wanted to start at the beginning and end at the end rather than just hear one or two songs or put it on 'shuffle.' The first track, 'Can You Feel My Heart' is all about admittance," Sykes continued, "admitting you have a problem, and admitting something's wrong. That's the first step of the whole album. In my life, I had to admit certain things to go further. They all deal with different topics."

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